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Tyler Gilmore, aka is a Brooklyn-based artist who makes richly textured, emotive music using degraded tapes, analog synthesizers and a spinet piano. He has released two full length albums, two EPs, and his upcoming album Refract features MacArthur fellow pianist Jason Moran and innovative drummer Marcus Gilmore. Tyler also scores films and games and maintains and active relationship with fans via a 100k+ following across social media platforms. Tyler has provided remixes for The Cinematic Orchestra, Arthur Moon, and Para One. In addition to his popular line of tape-oriented sample packs his collaboration with Spitfire Audio, Tape Synths, is a one-of-its-kind tape-based software instrument. 

“…at the cutting edge of his craft.” - Larry Blumenfeld, TIDAL

“It is an impressive team for a first foray. On “Refract,” their new album, the trio works across medium and style, with composed elements and prepared loops by sparking improvisations from his collaborators.” - New York Times
"That music is at times excitable and other times deeply contemplative, but even at the extreme ends of that spectrum, motion and stillness bleed across the divide.” - Bandcamp Daily

"This three-way studio collaboration between pianist Jason Moran, electronic musician, and drummer Marcus Gilmore is a fascinating experiment... is always at work disrupting and sidetracking the music, letting shimmering waves of electronic tone waft through.” - Stereogum

"Refract's largely improvised fabric makes for one of the year's most adventurous and intriguing listens.” - Pat Youngspiel

" of the most unique recordings that you have ever heard. The musicianship is guaranteed with Jason Moran and Marcus Gilmore involved, but it is everyone’s sense of exploration that makes this a distinctive recording. It isn’t jazz or rock, it’s not hip-hop or electronica, and it’s not classical, so what is it? A mind-bending exploration and experimentation of sound.” - Modern Drummer